Everything starts with a first step

This seemed like a great quote with which to start my blog.  Several of my friends and associates keep telling me I should “blog” so here goes….

The first step, for me, was make a list about the mechanics and logistics of doing a blog. I had taken a first step.  And miraculously the next step revealed itself as information just came my way.  Get a domain/site name… www.IntuitiveLifeHealer.com and learn some basics about wordpress.  So far so good.  Step 3 was to create the look and basic pages – About, FAQs, etc.  Step 4 – POST THE FIRST BLOG!  and things just got real.

Paralysis.  Oh No, this is stepping out of my comfort zone… What would I blog about?  What if nobody reads my blog – or, OMG, what if everyone reads my blog?  How will that work?  What will they expect?  Can I do this? What was I thinking? What if I fail and disappoint them? And then, finally – Who is this in my head asking all these panicky questions?  Well that was the first of those crazy questions I needed to answer.

Oh, I know who that is.  That’s my Shadow-Self, my insecurity, my self-doubt, my fear, my scared child.  These aren’t really bad questions, they are just very unproductive questions.  That pesky Shadow-Self likes to show up anytime we step out of our comfort zone and try something new.   They distract us in an attempt to keep us in the comfort zone, to assure us the status quo is enough.

So I built great momentum from that first step, only to stall in front of the Shadow-Self.  So where to go from here?  Well, everything starts with the first step…

2 thoughts on “Everything starts with a first step”

  1. Congratulations on taking your first step! Thank you for sharing some of those fears we all have when starting something new…especially when it’s so public. My best to you on your new venture.


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