You can’t make the same mistake twice. The second time it’s not a mistake, it’s a choice.


Oh yeah, the Shadow-Self. The one that likes to show up anytime we want to try something new, distracting us in an attempt to keep us in the comfort zone.

I managed to get my blog site set up and danced around the Shadow-Self in order to write and post my first blog page.  Yippee! good for me.  I beat the voices of fear and self-doubt, the insecurity.  I’m on my way, I have arrived… or have I? 

If you haven’t read my blog yet, it’s probably because I haven’t really let anyone know about it.  Stalling on my plan again, this time on my social media strategy.  There’s that pesky Shadow again; slowing down my progress and sabotaging my new venture.  But how to know if it was Shadow?  There were no panicky questions, no self-doubt whispering in my head like last time.  I thought I had taken care of that shadow, but apparently not.  Shadow doesn’t always show up in the same way.  The self-doubt and negative self-talk is often the easiest version to recognize.  But procrastination – especially the kind that morphs into total inaction, is another way the Shadow expresses itself.  Just another way to prevent change or progress; just put it off until it loses energy, loses life, and its positive benefits die.

So, once again, it’s time to shine the light on that Shadow-Self.  That’s the thing about Shadow, it doesn’t stay gone forever.  Sometimes it will stay away for a long time, and other times it will come out three times a day – or more.  My Shadow-Self wants to maintain the status quo and I want to expand.   It’s a tug-of-war, but I expect to win.  I just have to keep an eye out for those things inside me that want to stop my progress.  Recognize them, keep forcing them back into the light, and keep moving forward.  

So forward with my social media strategy and, hopefully, you will be able to find my blog.


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