Which comes first – Determination or Commitment?


So a huge part of dealing with your Shadow-Self is learning to recognize when it is present and stopping you from progress.  The additional part is more about how to dance with Shadow and move it out of your way, step over it, or otherwise get past it. 

Our Shadow-Self was born out of our sense of survival from our experiences and cultural influences – those negative voices in our head – put there by family, teachers, and friends, television and movies.  By the way they spoke to us, what they expected of us, and how they related their own fears into our lives. So getting past them can present some challenges.  Recognizing shadow is the first step and sometimes that is all it takes to move forward.  But other times we recognize it, but still need some tricks to get moving.

So knowing what the things are that motivate us becomes very necessary.  For me, determination is always a factor.  I have a determined nature so I don’t quit looking until I figure out what will make me move when I’m hesitating.  I also know that I have a strong will to make good on my commitments.  So I think commitment will work this time. 

So, I made commitments (filled out forms and paid fees) to have a booth at Long Beach WomanSpirit Summer Solstice Fair on June 11th at the Universalist Unitarian Church in Long Beach, CA.  Now, for me, that means I have to show up.  And, once I’ve shown up, then I will do readings at a discounted ‘special’ price in my booth.  I committed myself with the forms and fees and so now I’m moving forward with publicity.  On my way again… I’ve got some more forms to fill out and fees to pay so that my commitments keep showing up on my calendar and moving me forward.

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