Mary Stuart  – Intuitive Life Healer and Life Strategy Consulting


20141206-WomenSpiritFaire-MeMy work as an Intuitive Life Healer and Life Strategy Counseling is well-known for clarity and direct guidance. My ability to connect with your ancestors, spirit guides, and angels enables me to shed light on your path at this point in your life, and to see options for your path going forward.

I am a teacher, counselor, and spirit contact to many people.  Some may believe my gifts are extraordinary but I see them as a blessing and as a responsibility resulting from my relationship with Spirit-Deity-God.

I live in Orange County, California where most of my family resides nearby.  They are a grounding force in my life and I am grateful for their support.  I grew up in metropolitan Southern California with a happy childhood, and felt my life was quite normal.  However, looking back, my talents were always there.  I was almost a teenager before I realized I knew and felt things other people did not… That not everybody heard voices, talked to spirits, or their dead grandparents for that matter.  Not everyone had visions or knew who was calling before they answered the telephone.

In the 4 decades of consciously working with Spirit, I have learned to use my gifts to communicate with and connect people with their spiritual support group of angels, spirit guides and ancestors. Your spiritual allies are there to provide you with guidance, healing and love, and they do this continually.  My gifts can help you to understand how to connect, receive or interpret these messages.  I focus on providing people with the knowledge to gain awareness and understanding of the challenges of their life. This knowledge helps you begin any healing process and make the changes enabling you to create a happier and more purpose-filled life.