Have you always had your gifts? – I cannot remember a time when I did not have prophetic feelings, thoughts, dreams and visions.  I often knew what was going to happen before it did, who was going to be on the phone before answering it, and I held regular conversations with beings that I now know were and are my spiritual allies – my guides, guardians, ancestors, and angels.

Why were you given these gifts? – I have asked that same question many times when I was younger and studying metaphysics. The reply I received is that we are all given multiple spiritual gifts. Our higher self/spirit will design what we want to take on in this lifetime, and that I agreed to be the blessed by these gifts.  I believe everyone can do this, but many of us fail to trust in our worthiness to possess something this powerful and connected directly to Deity. It is only when you begin to know and accept yourself that you gain your awareness of your life purpose and the gifts you possess to touch humanity in a positive way. I trust that my gift’s are of Spirit-Deity-God and I was trained by my spiritual allies to use them for the highest good of all.

Why do you think what you do is from Deity-God-Spirit? – When working with spirits, I begin with a prayer of protection for us both and I open the doorway between the two worlds and ask that spirits connected with you come to be with us. Spirit-Deity-God works through many different channels using angels, spirits, and ancestors to help me provide the spiritual guidance and healing needed. My messages of guidance are of love, hope, healing, and spiritual support. I know and trust that these are the positive messages of light, and not negative messages of darkness. 

Do you hear voices all the time? – Yes, most spirits do not know boundaries. They just know they found someone that can hear them and can connect them to their loved ones. When these spirits discover that this form of communication is available with me they begin trying to connect their loved ones to me in any way that they can.

How do I contact my deceased family, my spirit guides, and angels? – They have never lost contact with you. Their connection and love for you never goes away. They continue to be connected with you yet you may not have the awareness of their presence in your life. You just may not know how to receive their messages or the signs that they are sending to you. 

How do I get a session with you? – You can contact me through this site.  Use the Contact page and fill out the form.  Include the best times to contact you to schedule your session.  Or you can email me at IntuitiveLifeHealer@aol.com   I continue to do in-person and phone sessions as my schedule allows.

Who are my guides? – They are part of the spiritual support group provided to you by Deity-God-Spirit. You have spirit guides, angels and loved ones in spirit that assist you with your life decisions, purpose and challenges. They are often souls you have experienced in previous lifetimes, or they may be an expert in what you have chosen as your soul purpose. The angels are energy beings that have been given the purpose of healing and protecting you throughout your life. Your ancestors in spirit are also part of this support group, as they continue to play a big part in helping you accomplish your life purpose. They all work together in helping you have a purposeful and empowered life. Your higher self also chose specific individuals in physical body that you would interact with in this lifetime for the fulfillment of your spirit’s advancement on the human level and the spiritual level.

What is the difference between a psychic and a life strategy counselor? – With my ability to speak with spirit, I can do what most people think of as psychic work. This knowledge is very useful for our lives when its purpose is understood, but Spirit-Deity-God designated me a counselor so that my work helps people heal the obstacles of their life that are preventing them from creating all that they desire. I focus on providing people with the knowledge to gain awareness and understanding of the challenges of their life. This knowledge helps you begin the healing process and to make the changes needed to create a happier and more purpose-filled life.

How do you explain what the Bible says about what you do? – I may not know  the Bible as well as some, but I’ve had it quoted to me often. So I know the high points and research the others as needed. The Bible addresses many aspects of life and has been interpreted in many different ways. 1 Corinthians 12 addresses the spiritual gifts that Spirit-Deity-God gave to humanity. It helps to better understand the gifts that I have  and the gifts of others as well. I encourage you to read it in multiple translations as that always helps to better understand and discern the truth. We all have different truths that we live by and our understanding changes as we evolve through our experiences. Having judgment of another’s beliefs denies you the opportunity for your own spiritual growth and evolvement. With judgment and a narrow outlook, you sabotage your spiritual journey with negativity and those negative thoughts hold us back from the fullness of life’s experiences.